So I went to the deli this morning to grab a cup of coffee, and I didn’t have any cash on me so i had to use my debit card. The girl behind the counter tells me I need a minimum of $5.00 to make a purchase. Fine, let me get a granola bar..girl tells me that it’s not $5.00 yet. Okay, fine. Let me go grab a Diet Dr. Pepper…STILL not $5.00 yet. ( !!!!) So I leisurely walk run over to the counter amd grab whatever pack of gum my hand lands on.

Of course I had to pick the most expensive gum on the planet. I have some pictures posted, and since I am doing this from my cell phone ( mad $killz, yo!) they’re all out of order so under each image I will explain the ridiculousness.

Now, If someone could please explain to me, how on Earth, a pack of gum is nearly $2.00 and more expensive than a 20 ounce bottle of soda!? Boggles my mind. Whatever happened to the packs of gum that were a QUARTER!? I guess they still exist somewhere..but to think that people buy this expensive gum on purpose?  Follow me here, someone walks into the store, with the intention of buying gum, has this gum in mind and shells out $2.00 for it..

What’s the appeal?? 

It’s the packaging and all of the hype and the super expensive commercials.

Okay, so the first picture is the pack of gum. See? Fancy.


Oooh..even fancier, the gum in a black wrapper…totally worth the $’s not like im going to crumple it up and throw it away immediately or anything.


WOW! The gum itself is BLACK! ( Actually, that was pretty cool. )


Okay, this next thing seems like such a waste to me, but it’s a kinda cool waste. There’s one of those color changing, heat sensitive thumbpads. Pretty cool, though it sort of makes me feel like its some sort of biometric security system and if i don’t have the right credentials i can’t access my gum…that I paid $2.00 for…

The gum comes with a heat sensitive, color changing thumbpad.

So as far as flavor goes…it’s sort of…orangey…’s weird…not bad weird, just weird weird.

I think I’m going to be sticking to the 25 cent pack of doublemint gum. I dont need all of the extraneous bells and whistles of something so trivial like gum.