I forgot this thing was here.

I might just keep updating. I’m pretty fucking funny.


Te amo.


I love the cleaning lady at work.

Goodnight, sun.


Gigantic orange glowing star..wish my camera had a zoom.

Close, but no sugar.



Dear Sucralose:

You are not splenda.


I see what you did there…


That’s not a real time,pal. Silly.

These things are fucking stupid.


What’s the point of these things? Look at how smug he is. Jerk.

You know it’s Monday when….



You spill coffee twice…and you get guacamole on your pants.

Don’t make me laugh, sir.


New York City emplores us to keep their streets clean by keeping the trash in (on or around) their nice,clean garbage cans. riight.

so there’s this phone at work…

I work at a doctor’s office.  Sometimes it gets very boring, and when you have a lot of boredom  and a lot of time it leads to very interesting things. Take for instance; this phone..

the victim.

This phone always manages to endure my bored wrath. I think it’s because I answer the phone all day, and I take my anger out on the object that drives me insane. I’m sure in some lifetime it messed up, and got reincarnated as the phone that gets abused. I dont even feel bad now, and I hope you don’t either.

the phone is broken!!

When i took this picture, I decapitated the handset from the chord. Why? THE CONSTANT RINGING!!! It’s almost like ‘The Telltale Heart’ but not as dark…

Total phone-y confusion.

See, Elise here, kept trying to talk into the phone, and kept trying to bring it back to life, but it was just too late.

nothing but phantom voices on the broken phone..

this phone has not seen the last of me.

game over.

things we hear around the office..

you know, it’s a funny thing working in a doctor’s office..no matter what kind of doctor it is…it’s inevitable: you’re going to hear some of the most insane, wacked out, bonkers shit you’ve ever heard in your life.  It’s true.  I’m going to try this out, on my facebook, I’ve asked my friends to submit to me some of their craziest stories, i know for a fact many have had some crazy stories..so i’m going to try to post them here and see the kinds of reactions i can garner..no sneak previews for now, i just want to see the kind of stories i can stir up.

still trying to upload pictures.

old picture of brandi and i

old picture of brandi and i.

seems like its better to post them FROM the computer. got it. more posts are on their way then.


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