so there’s this phone at work…

I work at a doctor’s office.  Sometimes it gets very boring, and when you have a lot of boredom  and a lot of time it leads to very interesting things. Take for instance; this phone..

the victim.

This phone always manages to endure my bored wrath. I think it’s because I answer the phone all day, and I take my anger out on the object that drives me insane. I’m sure in some lifetime it messed up, and got reincarnated as the phone that gets abused. I dont even feel bad now, and I hope you don’t either.

the phone is broken!!

When i took this picture, I decapitated the handset from the chord. Why? THE CONSTANT RINGING!!! It’s almost like ‘The Telltale Heart’ but not as dark…

Total phone-y confusion.

See, Elise here, kept trying to talk into the phone, and kept trying to bring it back to life, but it was just too late.

nothing but phantom voices on the broken phone..

this phone has not seen the last of me.

game over.


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